Owner, Employers, Contractors Responsibilities;

Owner, Employers, Contractors Responsibilities;

On behalf of Pakistan Mine Workers Federation (PMWF) through its General Secretary for implementation of necessary action to provide safe work place to mine workers in order to minimize mine accidents.

Owner, Employers, Contractors Responsibilities;

Though making profit and doing business is everyone’s fundamental right, but the value of human life rests above all elements and considerations. The owner, employer and contractors must take care of the worth of human life by ensuring that:

Employers (owner, contracter) shall take all necessary measures to eliminate or minimize the risks to safety and health in mines under their control including

✓Design, construct and equip the mine for safe operation and a healthy working environment ( e.g. whenever practicable two exists) operate, maintain the mine so that work can be carried out without endangering a worker’s safety and health.

✓Draw up and implement an operating plan and procedures to ensure a safe system of work and protection of workers.

✓Monitor, acess and reguraly inspect working environment to identity the various hazards and level of exposure.

✓Ensure adequate ventilation for all accesible underground working.

✓Prevent, detect and combat the start and spread of fires and explosions.

✓Stop operation and evacuate workers, when serious danger arises.

✓Prepare an emergency plan.

✓Provide adequate training and retraining and comprehensible instructions for workers, at no cost to them.

✓Provide information about hazards and health surveillance.

✓Provide adequate suppervision and control on each shift to secure safe operation.

✓Have system for recording of person underground.

✓Investigate all accidents and dangerous occurance and take appropriate remedial action.

✓Cooperate with employers/contractors on site.

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