Introduction of Pakistan Mine Workers Federation (PMWF)

Introduction of Pakistan Mine Workers Federation (PMWF)




It is admitted fact that Trade Union in the Mining Industry of Pakistan is quit unorganized because mine workers transfer from One Mining sector to other. They work on piece-rate wages system. It means that they are migratory workers; therefore trade union in the mining industry to be organized.  Especially in coal mining sector. To organize trade union movement in the mining sector, foundation of Pakistan Mine Worker Federation was laid down in May 2005. Initially, 11 industry wise trade unions were affiliated with Pakistan Mine Worker Federation. The PMWF has been registered with National Industrial Relations Commission (N IRC).

Organizing Structure of PMWF

  1. Executive Board
  2. Executive Council
  3. Regional Organizers
  4. Safety and Health Committees

Aims & Objectives

         The aims and Objectives of Pakistan Mines Worker Federation shall be as under

  1. To promote and organize trade union movement in the Mining industry of Pakistan.
  2. To encourage, promote and provide trade union education for awareness raising amongst the Mine workers, organizing the unorganized and development of the affiliated unions.
  3. To provide, conduct and organize job training programs for mine workers in different mining sectors in the country.
  4. To create awareness amongst Mine Workers to make them safe minded.
  5. To minimize Mine accidents in the mining industry specially in the coal Mining.
  6. To approach concern authorities in order to provide welfare measures to Mine Workers.

 Affiliated Trade Unions

S.No Name of Trade Union Membership Mining Sector
1 Pakistan Mine Workers Union (CBA)


Balochistan (Province)
2 Mine Labour Central Union (CBA)


Balochistan (Province)
3 United Mine Workers Union (CBA)


Balochistan (Province)
4 United Marbal Mine Workers Union(CBA)


Marbal Sector Balochistan (Province)
5 Gailani Pakistan Coal Mines Labour Union(CBA)


Gailani Coal Company Quetta Balochistan and Lakra Coal Mining Field Sindh Province
6 Mir Qadar Bukhsh and Brothers Coal Mines Labour Union(CBA)


Mir Qadar Coal Mines Balochistan
7 United Coal Mines Labour Union(CBA)


United Coal Mines Quetta, Balochistan
8 Pahari Mazdoor Itihad Union (CBA)


Quarry Mining Sector Pull 111 Sargodha Panjab Province
9 Trade Union Pahari Mazdoor (CBA)


Quarry Mining Sector Pull 111 Sargodha Panjab Province
10 Labour Union Charad Coal Mines (CBA)


Charad Coal Mines  Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province
11 Kohat Mine Workers Union


Kohat and Hango Coal Mines Field(Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province)


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